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The Journey of Bekl LifeStory Colourful Charms

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colourful charms

The Journey of LifeStory Colourful Charms…

We’ve had a lot of interest in the LifeStory charms from Bekl recently. Now that summer is coming, we thought we’d share with you the secret of our beads, and what makes them special charms. The truth is, these charms have been on a journey all of their own by the time they get to your wrists, and we thought this would make interesting reading for you all!

colourful charms

Bekl Colourful Charms are drilled by hand in Derbyshire

The colourful charms start their life in Greece. Artisans make each and every bead BY HAND using local clay. The clay is sculpted into ’round’ discs and put in a kiln to bake. Once the beads are ‘cooked’ and cold, the charms are covered in a colourful glaze by hand. This means that each charm created for Bekl is totally unique. The beads often have their own little characteristics – often finger prints and chips too, adding to their character. Sometimes the glaze also ‘chunks up’ meaning the thickness of beads changes from charm to charm. It’s actually very charming 😉

colourful charms

Our charms are also packaged by PEOPLE in our Derbyshire workshop, whilst checked for colour consistency and quality.

But that’s only half the story… once this process has been completed, the charms are then shipped from our artisans in Greece, to good old Blighty, where they are worked on in our Derbyshire workshop! The beads are individually drilled with our diamond drill bit, then polished by hand too… Once all that’s done, we lightly sand each of the colourful charms by hand to give that ‘seaworn’ look. And just like magic, your colourful charms are ready!

So as you can see, it’s not just a case of ‘we buy the beads and sell them on.’ These colourful charms, from the moment they are ‘born’ are individually crafted by hand at every step of the process. By the time they reach your wrist, they’ve been on a little journey of their own.

Not only do our charms represent your lifestory through their colours, but they also have stories of adventure to tell of their own, and it’s all written into their design…

colourful charms


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