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2 weeks until LifeStory Launch

Written by : Posted on January 17, 2015 : No Comments

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The Lifestory Bracelets launch in 2 weeks time and we thought we’d share a sneak peek of the bracelets with you…


Above, are the natural leather examples of the bracelets. We have three colours available – natural with gold ends, brown with gold ends and black with black ends. A charm bracelet for both guys and girls!


The beauty of the bracelets is that each charm can be bought seperately and represents a different emotion, inspiration or motivation, meaning you can literally WEAR your daily motivation. You can also use the bracelet to coordinate your outfit!


The charm bracelets are made of the highest quality leather and use strong magnetic closures, making them the perfect gift and surf inspired charm bracelet.


The LifeStory collection of charms and bracelets will go on sale on 30th January 2015… We hope you enjoy the range, more images to follow!