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Surfing Mexico

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Surfing in Mexico

Surfing in Mexico with Team Bekl’s Allannah Brown

Surfing in Mexico

Surfing Mexico has been a winter reality for Team Bekl surfer Allannah Brown. She’s spent the last few months tweaking her skills and having fun on the water before returning to the UK for the 2015 surf season and surf coaching she does. Below, we’ve shared some of Allannahs personal snaps from her time ¬†in Mexico. We didn’t want to make you all jealous and all, but seeing as though we’ve had to endure the gruelling envy, we only thought it right to share ūüėČ

Surfing in Mexico

“Riding along on the crest of a wave!”

Surfing in Mexico

We only wish we could look this cool when we go surfing… the reality is much different! Allannah – Surfing Mexico!

Surfing in Mexico

Allannah Brown, UK Womens Surfer, tearing it up!

Surfing in Mexico

Carving the water… ! Go Allannah! Girl Power

Surfing in Mexico

Making it look easy…

Surfing in Mexico

Exhausted after a fun day in the surf. Mexico looks like a bit of a pipe dream! .. Surfing Mexico

Although the weather is pretty awesome in the UK at the moment, we can’t help but wish we’d have been for some winter sun too… ¬†the idea of surfing Mexico wouldn’t have been turned down.

Surfing in Mexico

Making friends, surfing waves and enjoying the heat. In the words of Chandler Bing could it BE anymore enviable!?

You can find Allannah on Facebook and Instagram. Visit her website here!

Here at Bekl we like to support young talent wherever we can. If you’re interested in becoming part of team Bekl, drop us an email to – we’d love to hear from you! We support most sports including sailing, surfing, windsurfing, watersports, snow sports and skate sports. We look for inspirational and outgoing people who are following their dreams. Do you fit that simple bill? Well, we’d love to hear from YOU!

The Journey of Bekl LifeStory Colourful Charms

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colourful charms

The Journey of LifeStory Colourful Charms…

We’ve had a lot of interest in the LifeStory charms from Bekl recently. Now that summer is coming, we thought we’d share with you the secret of our beads, and what makes them special charms. The truth is, these charms have been on a journey all of their own by the time they get to your wrists, and we thought this would make interesting reading for you all!

colourful charms

Bekl Colourful Charms are drilled by hand in Derbyshire

The colourful charms start their life in Greece. Artisans make each and every bead BY HAND using local clay. The clay is sculpted into ’round’ discs and put in a kiln to bake. Once the beads are ‘cooked’ and cold, the charms are covered in a colourful glaze by hand. This means that each charm created for Bekl is totally unique. The beads often have their own little characteristics – often finger prints and chips too, adding to their character. Sometimes the glaze also ‘chunks up’ meaning the thickness of beads changes from charm to charm. It’s actually very¬†charming¬†ūüėČ

colourful charms

Our charms are also packaged by PEOPLE in our Derbyshire workshop, whilst checked for colour consistency and quality.

But that’s only half the story… once this process has been completed, the charms are then shipped from our artisans in Greece, to good old Blighty, where they are worked on in our Derbyshire workshop! The beads are individually drilled with our diamond drill bit, then polished by hand too… Once all that’s done, we lightly sand each of the colourful charms by hand to give that ‘seaworn’ look. And just like magic, your colourful charms are ready!

So as you can see, it’s not just a case of ‘we buy the beads and sell them on.’ These colourful charms, from the moment they are ‘born’ are individually crafted by hand at every step of the process. By the time they reach your wrist, they’ve been on a little journey of their own.

Not only do our charms represent your lifestory through their colours, but they also have stories of adventure to tell of their own, and it’s all written into their design…

colourful charms


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Countdown to Coachella 2015!

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Coachella 2015 !

It’s only a few weeks until Coachella 2015 – the Californian Music Festival loved worldwide not only for the music and culture, but for the bohemian fashion on display! It’s a little like the Ascot of the Music Festival season – everyone wants to know who and what you’re wearing; it’s become a bit of a cult festival on so many levels.

Here, we’re taking a look at past seasons to highlight our favourite looks and styles. We just couldn’t help ourselves!

coachella 2015 celebrities fashion 2015

Bekl wearer and supporter Vanessa Hudgens wears this boho chic ensemble, complete with flowery headband and banging shades! I wonder what she’ll be wearing at Coachella 2015?

coachella 2015 kendal jenner coachella coachella celebrities fashion 2015


Kendal Jenner wows in these busy, geometric ‘yoga pants’ – we only wish we had the figure for them! She’s one of the hottest models of the moment, will she be attending Coachella 2015? We hope so!

coachella 2015 Jared Leto coachella celebrities fashion 2015


It’s a Marmite outfit – you’ll love it or hate it. Us? We LOVE it – zebra print all the way, Jared! I wonder what he’ll rock to Coachella 2015?

coachella 2015 celebrities fashion 2015


Let’s hear it for the girls! We’re digging out those cowboy boots for this spring/summer season – perfect with some bekl bracelets and a cute little summer dress.

coachella 2015


Katy Perry – looking STUNNING in this slightly scary/cornish folk man inspired ensemble…


Let’s not forget, it’s not only the US that does Music Festivals well. The UK festival season is fast approaching and we can’t wait for all the mud!


Are you attending any festivals this year? Let us know – we’d love to share your snaps having fun in the sun.

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“Tie Dye – The Forrest Gump of Fashion” Campaign

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“Tie Dye – The Forrest Gump of Fashion” Campaign

Bekl are pleased to announce that on 15th April 2015, we will be launching our 2nd tie dye summer collection for men and women! The t-shirts will be dyed by our team here in Derbyshire so each and every one is unique. We are looking forward to introducing the designs to you in the coming weeks, as well as displaying our packaging and unique style! The second generation t-shirts will be a lot more contemporary in style, with the aim being to shun the traditional view of tie dye, and bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

tie dye tshirts -"Tie Dye - The Forrest Gump of Fashion" Campaign

Our campaign is simple. Tie dye is a technique that has been around, in some forms, since 810AD, meaning it’s been a dying technique prominent at many different historical events – like Forrest Gump! The campaign is designed to be quirky and fun and raise awareness of the technique loved my many. It’s older than you think!


"Tie Dye - The Forrest Gump of Fashion" Campaign

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"Tie Dye - The Forrest Gump of Fashion" Campaign tie dye tshirts

Thought of the Day – Quote – Bekl Motivation Bracelets

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Thought of the Day - Quote - Bekl Motivation Bracelets

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Team Bekl Surfer – Allannah Brown

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team bekl sponsored rider allannah brown

Meet team Bekl surfer Allannah Brown…


Name: Allannah Brown

D.O.B: 28/07/1991

Sport: Surfing

Other Activities: Training, Travelling, Laughing

Other Sponsors: Escape surfboards, Oggy wax, Overboard, Treviglas sports hub

“I started surfing when i was 11, falling in love with the sport as soon as i caught my first wave, ever since i have been addicted, surfing everyday and competing on the UK pro tour. Surfing has taken me all over the world; I have spent months in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Portugal and France as well as living in Australia for a year chasing that perfect wave.


In the future i can see myself surfing until im in a wheelchair, travelling around the world surfing world class waves and maybe growing up one day and starting up my own surf school/surf camp somewhere tropical!


See you in the water!”

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Tom Brady – POWER! New England Patriots

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tom brady new england patriots win super bowl


Congrats to Tom Brady and The New England Patriots on their SuperBowl win! We think Tom should be wearing some POWER bekl lifestory charms! What do you think?

Andy Murray Defeated at the Australian Open

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andy murray defeated at the australian open


Andy Murray was today defeated 3-1 by Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open… Although Murray put in a stellar performance, he just wasn’t good enough to beat the serb today…


We’d like to offer Murray some Success and Wisdom from our collection and hope he can bring his A-game to the next grand slam… we know he’s got another win in him!



Tehillah McGuinness – Ohana Fitness & Surf

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Photoshoot from Tehillah McGuinness, Founder of Ohana Fitness and Surf, Fuerteventura.

Tehillah McGuinness is a member of Bekl’s Surf Team and a great advocate of everything our brand encapsulates.







Clothing from sponsors Urban Beach Surf

Photography from

Ohana Fitness and Surf School (Feurteventura / Canary Islands) –¬†


Tehillah is also sponsored by; Urban Beach UK Osprey Action Sports Deeside Mineral Water Bunny CHOW Swim LabSportStylist Bekl Reezen Eyewear Company OGGY WAX ‪#‎claytonsurfboards‬ Volkan Watches Odina Surf Surfersskin NZ

2 weeks until LifeStory Launch

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banner 10

The Lifestory Bracelets launch in 2 weeks time and we thought we’d share a sneak peek of the bracelets with you…


Above, are the natural leather examples of the bracelets. We have three colours available – natural with gold ends, brown with gold ends and black with black ends. A charm bracelet for both guys and girls!


The beauty of the bracelets is that each charm can be bought seperately and represents a different emotion, inspiration or motivation, meaning you can literally WEAR your daily motivation. You can also use the bracelet to coordinate your outfit!


The charm bracelets are made of the highest quality leather and use strong magnetic closures, making them the perfect gift and surf inspired charm bracelet.


The LifeStory collection of charms and bracelets will go on sale on 30th January 2015… We hope you enjoy the range, more images to follow!